Ivan Tea Energy - Fermented Ivan Tea with Sagan Dalya

Blending herbs that can help promote greater energy and well-being, our special formula contains traditional fermented Ivan Tea, that supplies antioxidants which help protect the cells in the body. We then add Sagan Dalya, that traditionally used to support stamina.

Sagan Dalya is an endemic alpine plant native to high mountains situated around great Siberian lake Baikal. The attempts to cultivate this species in botany gardens had no success. Leaves of Sagan Dalya contain high level of ether oils and rarely studied alkaloids, flavonoids: myricetin, quercetin, dihydroquercetin, rutin.

Siberian Tea. Fermented Ivan Tea with Rhodiola Rosea root. Caffeine free!

Enjoy this invigorating and full-flavored Ivan tea throughout the day to support your energy and well-being.
There is only one way to understand the difference between the hand picked wholly preserved herbs and those sold in pharmacies: by comparing their smell, taste and efficiency. Our herbs fully contain their original natural strength for your benefit. Cheers!

Green Ivan Tea. Did you know that tea contains 6,5 times more of Vitamin C than a Lemon?

Ivan tea is a traditional Russian drink from 12 th century. Before 1917 (the formation of the USSR) Russian tea was produced in large quantities and exported to many countries, such as England and China, but has been out of the market by cheaper Indian tea. Ready tea has a pleasant aroma and fresh, slightly tart taste. In contrast to Chinese tea the Russian tea does not contain caffeine - tea has a calming effect, it's good to drink before sleeping, it's not make an addiction like a regular tea. The Ivan tea contains a lot of nutrients - vitamin A, which is very useful for vision, tannins that slow the aging process, as well as a lot of vitamin C, so it's a good remedy for colds.